I’m going to give you a quick tip on 강아지 등록!

Hello, 강아지 등록

I’m going to give you a quick tip on Puppy registration!

The 강아지 등록 began to be enforced in 2014.

The reason for implementing the 강아지 등록 system began to protect animals and prevent pet abandonment, but it was not implemented properly.

From July 1st last year to August 31st, we also operated a voluntary notification period for puppy registration! After the voluntary reporting period, an intensive crackdown was followed, and the first was 200,000 won, the second was 400,000 won, and the third was a fine of 1 million won!

Until last year, there was a hassle of having to visit a hospital and insert an internal chip, an external wireless identification device with an ugly registration number and information given by the country, or a registration identification tag on the Internet or in a store and attach it. Currently, a method of simply registering a puppy through a mobile phone through an inscription without performing treatment through inscription registration was developed in Korea for the first time in the world.

Therefore, it is now possible to register a puppy with just one cell phone without visiting a hospital or attaching an ugly necklace to the puppy.

In addition, internal chip treatment and external fabrication were burdensome due to the considerable cost, but in the future, the inscription registration has the advantage of saving small costs and time. And recently, PETERPET has completed international standardization registration!

To register a puppy, you have to visit a hospital or a crowded place, but for those who are reluctant due to corona, it is highly recommended that you use PETERPET quickly and easily.

Thank you for reading the long story. Thank you for visiting. I will try to share more informative information with you in the future. If it helped, please visit often. Have a nice day.