along writing about 강아지 비문

Hello, I will explain about dogs today. Dogs have lived with us for a long time, with a variety of species. 강아지 비문

Then I will explain what kind of dog there is and what kind of dog likes and the difference between dog and cat. Unlike cats, dogs are very loyal to their owners.강아지 비문

Some people like dogs and some people like cats, but I personally like cats more than dogs. Then I will explain my favorite cat first.
Cats are pets that have been with us for a long time.

Cats have a haughty taste. I love cats. But I have to talk to my dog. But today, about cats, 강아지 비문
Let me explain. It is recorded that cats have been with us since a long time ago and have been living with humans since Egypt. So when the Egyptians farmed,
People loved cats because they played a role of catching mice. Cats are so lovely. In fact, the Egyptians loved cats so much that their own cat강아지 비문
They kept mummies when they died. I heard that there were many cats in the past that looked like cats. Among the grasses that cats can eat,

There’s a thing called catgrass.

Then I will explain about the puppy. Dogs have lived as tools as human friends since they were hunting in the past.
Dogs are in high demand as pets because they are close to humans. A lot of people think that wolves are becoming more and more like dogs that we know.
I do. Dogs have various kinds like dogs. Currently, about 15 million out of 50 million people in Korea have pets. I heard that there are the most dogs among them.
I think puppies are really cute. But our dog may have been lost or lost by our mistake, and in order to prevent such a case, in Korea today,

I need to register my dog.

I really like puppies and I like cats more.But there is a food that dogs and cats can’t eat, which is chocolate. Dogs and cats

Why can’t I eat chocolate? The reason why dogs and cats can’t eat chocolate is because they don’t have an enzyme in their bodies that can break down the chocolate.

You can say that dogs and cats are really smart.

But if you like dogs and cats, I recommend raising them. But I love dogs and cats.But with the puppy,

I think raising a cat without any responsibility is a crime. Dogs and cats have been living with us for more than 10 years, so you can’t just raise them because you want them.

It is very important whether we can make our friends, dogs and Go-Aengs happy, and whether our living quarters are large enough for dogs and cats. Thank you for reading the long story.